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802 Lacrosse is a full year club lacrosse program designed with the intention to allow boys and girls to play as much lacrosse as possible. Typically we average between 35 - 50 practices, clinics and skill sessions throughout the year as well as 4-6 tournaments over the summer and fall depending on the program. 


The Multi-Sport Athlete

We are VERY strong believers of the multi-sport athlete and we realize the enormous importance of playing multiple sports as well as spring town and High School teams. The vast majority of our student-athletes are two-sport+ athletes and we strongly encourage as well as schedule practices and tournaments accordingly for each age group to not conflict with other activities. We believe players should do as many activities throughout the year they can manage and have fun doing.


Team and Individual Skill Building

In order to help prepare our players for collegiate play, we prioritize developing both individual lacrosse skills and team cooperation skills.  Not only do we want to help 802 Lacrosse players play in college, we want them to lead there!  Every time we step on the field we will focus on developing stick work, athleticism, game understanding, communication, emotional management, and active listening.  802 Lacrosse players learn to thrive in team environments!



In terms of commitment we feel that whatever activity / season it is that should be a players first priority if they choose. So if we have practices during the winter and you play basketball, hockey, ski, play an instrument ext. those activities should come first if they are in season. Better athletes having fun doing what they love equal better lacrosse players!!


802 Boys And Girls Season Overview

Winter (Jan-Feb)

  • TBD for 2023 Season 

Late Winter / Spring (March-Early June)

  • HS Warm Up Week Clinic 3/13 - 3/17
  • Youth Warm Up Week Clinic 3/20 - 3/24
  • 1/2 Practices / Clinics / Skill Session per week 
  • Possible games vs other New England Club programs 

Summer (June-July-August)

  • 802 Summer Mini Camp: 6/19 - 6/22
  • Practices Tuesday -Thursday Nights 
  • Possible Games vs other New England Club programs and 802 Alumni 
  • 3 -4 Tournaments for all age groups

Fall (Sept-Nov)

  • Practices on Sundays 
  • Possible Games vs other New England Club Programs
  • 1-2 Tournaments depending on age groups


Practices / Clinics / Skill Sessions
Depending on the program, teams will participate in 35 - 50 sessions throughout the year focusing on developing our players while building strong cohesive teams


Competitive Tournaments
802 Boys and Girls Lacrosse teams will compete in the most competitive tournaments throughout the summer and fall. All teams will play in 3 or 4 highly regarded tournaments in the summer as well as 1-2 tournaments in the fall.


Throughout the year all of our teams will have the ability to compete against other New England Club programs as well as past 802 Alumni (HS Players) in an effort to continue to train and prepare for events.  


802 Lacrosse Camp -
All Players will have the ability to participate in our 802 Lacrosse camp to kick off our summer training from 6/19 - 6/22 (Included in Program). 


Youth and High School Warm Up Week
All 802 Players will have the ability to attend our Youth and High School Warm Up Weeks for Free


802 Lacrosse staff consists of 30+ of the best College and High School coaches in Vermont.


Equipment and Gear
All Players will be provided with custom uniforms and practice attire to compete throughout the year showcasing their membership to 802 Lacrosse:


College Guidance and Recruiting
All players have access to our entire coaching staff to get the most up to date recruiting information, help creating college list, contacting coaches and general guidance throughout the process. 802 Lacrosse has well over 100 alumni that have competed / are competing at the DI, DII, DIII levels. 

Boys 2023 Summer Tournaments

Boys 2024 (11th Grade) – 2025 (10th Grade) – 2026 (9th Grade) 


Boys 2027 (8th Grade)-2028 (7th Grade)-2029 (6th Grade) –2030 (5th Grade) –2031 (4th Grade), 2032 (3rd Grade), 2033 (2nd Grade) 



Girls 2023 Summer Tournaments

Girls 2024 (11th) – 2025 (10th) – 2026 (9th) - 2027 (8th) - 2028 (7th) – 2029 (6th)- Girls 2030 (5th) 


Girls 2031 (4th) – 2032 / 2033 (2nd and 3rd)


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